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Instagram Yoga Challenge Success!

eco-friendly products Gaia Guy instagram yoga yoga blocks yoga challenge

yoga girl beach blocksHugely inspired and impressed with all the amazing people and yoga poses who were part of another instagram yoga challenge success story! 

Truly grateful to be apart of #ArmBalanceYourWay

I had to repost this as @dragonyoga gave Gaia Guy yoga blocks a nice plug ---- on sale on amazon bit.ly/GaiaGuy

Here she is in a gorgeous place doing #peacockpose #mayurasana. As she mentioned it is easier to do this on beautiful cork blocks from Gaia Guy or maybe rocks at the beach.

Cork yoga blocks are solid, sturdy, have superior traction and the big 4 inch blocks from Gaia Guy allow you to drop your chest lower in this pose.

Tips to Do Peacock Pose:

  1. Get your elbows underneath you.
  2. Then lean forward and find that balance between upper body & lower body.
  3. Get those legs up and keep on lifting to the sky!
  4. Try bending the knees or even balancing on one arm (in many ways this is easier believe it or not!)

Still blown away by all the awesome arm balances!

Thank you for your support! Gaia Guy cork blocks are the natural way to support your yoga practice too!

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