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Acroyoga Challenge with Great Supporters and Acroyogis on Instagram

acroyoga acroyogi giveaway instagram yoga challenge

acroyoga instagram challenge

Pumped to be part of this #acroyoga challenge with great supporters and #acroyogis 


  • From June 10-16 We will host a gnarly week long 7️ day acrotastic event with basic-intermediate-advanced versions of many of our favorite moves.

  • At the end 4 random winners will receive sustainable prizes from our sponsors.

    To qualify you must:

  • ✔️Repost this and tag your friends! Help spread the word ?

  • ✔️Join the 7 days of fun with hashtag#flyforsustainability so we can see your posts

  • ✔️Follow all the hosts and tag us in your posts! ?

  • ✔️Follow our generous sponsors providing sustainable goodies:
    @myinnerfire with a matching pair of leggings
    @yolohayoga providing a beautiful cork yoga mat
    @higaiaguy bringing you a year supply of bamboo/charcoal toothbrushes
    @nkdnutritioninc with a choice of vegan pea protein or organic vegan rice protein

All moves are open to variations. Super excited to see all of your creative styles and beautiful smiles.
Challenge will start next Friday on June 10th
    Good luck everyone in this acroyoga instagram challenge! 
    Get inspired with some awesome acroyoga from the hosts below: 

    AcroYoga with Max & Liz

    Traveling Vegan AcroYoga Instructors who offer workshops online, private, festivals and collaborations.  www.maxandlizacro.com

    Chris Moulton

    International AcroYoga Teacher & No Plastic Lifestyle Vegisaurus facebook.com/christopher.matthew.moulton

    Marissa Gould

    AcroRev - Private lessons youtube.com/channel/UCdvSAW0y_lNV0WniWG2Klcw

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