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The Natural and Sexy Way to Start Your Day

Gaia Guy bamboo toothbrushes are how minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle folks remain sane in an insane world.

bamboo toothbrush sexy

Instead of reaching first thing for plastic you can pick up that smooth and sultry bamboo.

There isn't anything better than to have a natural and sexy way start your day. You feel better, because you are not in conflict with your principles.

That is a huge cause of stress for many a vegan, permaculturist, zero waste enthusiast and minimalist.

When a simple act, like brushing your teeth in this modern world is an affront to Gaia, it's hard to have a good day. 

A Gaia Guy toothbrush doesn't guarantee rainbows and unicorns of course, but at least you can get out of the house with some sweet eco-vibes. 

Those kinds of visible positive vibes attract people. Not just people, but a tribe slowly starts to gather and you realize that you are not alone nor crazy. 

Just start your day with bamboo in hand and let that guide you to other people, places and even products that fit with you and the world that you want to see.

Minimal living is maximum sexy. #mantra

If you'd like to pick up some bamboo toothbrushes you can get them on Gaia Guy of course or Etsy.

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