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Zerowaste Challenge - Give it a go!

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zerowaste essentials

You don't need a special time of the year for a zerowaste challenge. You don't need a massive following on instagram, twitter, facebook or the like either. 

Give up the plastic and excessive packaging today. Challenge a friend, a coworker, someone in your family or for sure your followers and friends on social media. 

Challenges are like specific goals. Fairly easy to set, hard to stick, but in the end super fulfilling and they end up changing you if even only a little. 

Take some inspiration from the lovely and super eco blogger, Sustainable Daisy, with this gorgeous and minimalist photo above and her challenge to herself! Brilliant tips here: 

This week I am challenging myself to live 7 days zerowaste. 👊🏼✨
Although I’ve become more of a minimalist and a conscious shopper, my garbage can fills up every couple weeks or so mostly with food waste. It’s hard for me to image my life zerowaste, so I want to challenge myself to see what would happen if I lived my life without producing ANY trash.
Why? The average American produces 102 tons of garbage in a lifetime. Yikes! 😬🚯
Here are my utensils:
4 mason jars
2 tote bags
3 muslin bags
Bamboo cutlery
Glass straws
Cutlery holder
Cloth napkin
Reusable drinking container
Basically I’ll divvy up my waste into 3 categories: recyclable, compostable, and trash. My hope is to have no trash by the end of the week! Can I do it? Let’s see!! 😄 Any zero-wasters out there, I’d love your advice! I’ll be updating daily. If you’d like to join, tag me and use #oneweekzerowastechallenge! 💚


So start a zerowaste challenge today. Start with your bathroom even and get a copper tongue cleaner or bamboo toothbrush ;) Note: The product is very close to zero waste, but the packaging is a work in progress. 


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  • Gaia Guy on

    Yes Bonnie I think that would work just fine. Love to hear how it goes!

  • Bonnie on

    Just wondering…I like to brew a ginger tea where I take an apple, large piece of ginger, several seeded dates, and powdered turmeric and cook them in the instant pot for about 10 minutes and strain. Could I put all of this in a nut bag and do it the same way? Would like to be able to omit the straining part.
    Thank you.

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