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How to Make Homemade Yogurt (Easy With a Nut Milk Bag)

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This how to make homemade yogurt super easy with a Gaia Guy nut milk bag comes from a happy Gaia Guy customer. She dropped by facebook to say how much she loved them. You can get a 12x12 size or the extra-large nut milk bags here.

how to make homemade yogurt

LOVEEEEEEE IT! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know! I wish I would’ve done this for my yogurt a long, long time ago. I’ve always use coffee filters and what a pain LOL
I let 1 gallon of whole milk sit out for about four hours to come to room temperature.

For the whole thing in my instant pot and set it to boil. Let it go through a whole boil cycle starring on and off and sometimes it takes to boil in cycles. It needs to reach 180°.

When it does that I put the whole pot in an ice bath the inner part!  Cool it down to 110°.

Put it back in the pot take about a cup out and stir it with my starter which is 2 tablespoons of my previous batch or if your brand new to this you can do any kind of plain yogurt but make sure it says on it that has live and active cultures.

Mix that all back in the Instant pot set the lid on it put it on yogurt button and adjust it to where it is normal temperature no pressure is needed.

Set it to 16 hours. When that goes it’s done.
I pour right in my nut bag. Put it in a strainer in my fridge and let it drain and have the most beautiful whey in the world💙.

I let mine strain for about 24 full hours because I like my yogurt very thick and then I put it in containers and put homemade strawberry compote on it!

Here are some pics of how to make homemade yogurt.
nut milk bag homemade yogurt
homemade yogurt
make yogurt with nut milk bag
organic yogurt strainer
nut milk bag homemade yogurt
Now that is some thick and yummy looking yogurt! 
thick homemade yogurt

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