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Upcycle Sunglass Lenses - Inspiring Ideas

bamboo bamboo sunglasses etsy organic recycle upcycle

how to upcycle your sunglasses recycle

At some point you'll be wondering how to upcycle sunglass lenses or at least recycle them. Well here are some inspiring ideas that are all totally Pinterest worthy crafts.

Gaia Guy bamboo sunglasses should last you a long, long, long time. All of it is zero waste and totally biodegradable form the bamboo sunglasses case to the organic cotton sunglasses pouch. 

What about those UV 400 polarized lenses? Well, these are a kind of plastic and that means either recycle or upcycle. I came across some nifty ways to upcycle your lenses and not just from your Gaia Guy bamboo sunglasses (buy direct from Amazon) either. 

Check out all these amazing ideas of how you can turn optical lenses and glasses into art and more! Share this one, because you know some crafty people that are going to go around their neighborhood and probably divert a massive number of glasses from the landfill.

The picture above came from Swell Designer on Flickr. How awesome is that idea? You can also make pendants and other cool jewelry from recycled optical lenses. 

Artist David Datuna recycles optical lenses to create some really eye-catching (ha!) pieces that you have to stare and marvel at.

recycled sunglasses

american flag recycled glasses

The flags from recycled optical lenses is amazing, but Marilyn Monroe is stunning.

marylin monroe art glasses

Of course you also have to give it up for the classic Audrey Hepburn made from lenses.

Audrey Hepburn art lenses

Martin Luther King is incredible too! Check out how real this looks and remember the medium used to create this is just lenses from old sunglasses and glasses. Wow!

Martin Luther King art

Of course etsy has some stunning works too. Here is just one of many interesting jewelry made from optical lenses. Yay for creative recycling!

Optic Lens Necklace with Bronze Gears


OK this is a minimalist and zero waste hipsters dream necklace. Ha! Seriously though this is just so cool. This is from errorezine

sunglasses necklace

Here is one that is simply....gorgeous! This took some skill and can be found on Craft Gawker.

sunglasses lenses pendant

Of course you can save you old broken sunglasses and have them ready for your next homemade Halloween costume. Check out this super awesome idea from Flickr


Have a great idea? please leave a comment! Oh and get some Gaia Guy Bamboo sunglasses and start designing a better tomorrow... today! 


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