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5 INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF CORK - Why you need a cork yoga mat!

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Cork is touted as one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It's not surprising given the follow 5 incredible benefits of cork which make it suitable for an almost limitless list of applications. Have a look at this below. After you can also have a look at this write up on why this website recommends not only cork yoga mats, but also getting a Gaia Guy cork yoga mat.

The particular properties of cork—thermic, acoustic, high resistance to abrasion, non-toxicity, hypoallergenicity, elasticity, compressibility, viscoelasticity, non-permeability to gases and liquids, recyclability and biodegradability —have been used and worked in a plethora of diverse and almost unlimited applications. In fact, cork has been used for different added-value products: stoppers for wine; clothes; furniture; coating; interior components for buses, trains, airplanes; building bridges and motorways; absorbents for oils, hydrocarbons or organic solvents; in hockey balls, golf balls and baseballs; shuttlecocks; table-tennis rackets; dartboards, kayaks and surfboards; insulation for shoe soles; fishing buoys; tenements for bees and building material. Being cork oak a tree with a slow growth, it has a high capacity to regenerate and, for this reason, its commercial exploitation is sustainable. Source: https://academic.oup.com/femsle/article/


  1. RENEWABLE RESOURCE: No tree is cut down to harvest cork. Hand harvested every 9 to 12 years. Each tree can produce cork for about 200 years.

  2. BIODEGRADABLE: Cork is recyclable & biodegradable. Any cork waste from production  is reused and ground to make other cork products.  #zerowaste 

  3. MAGICAL MATERIAL: Cork is anti-static, water-resistant, & resilient.  Suberin makes cork naturally resist dust, water and insects! Cork absorbs energy on impact and quickly regains its structure.

  4. ANTIMICROBIAL: Cork is highly antibacterial. One studied showed almost 100% bacterial reduction of Staphylococcus aureus, after 90 minutes of incubation.

  5. NO CHEMICALS OR TOXINS: No PVCs and other chemicals that harm you & our planet. So-called eco-friendly TPE or other materials are plastic. Cork and natural rubber is all you get with your Gaia Guy yoga mat.

This is why Gaia Guy uses cork and natural rubber and now you can get all the incredible benefits of cork into your yoga practice. Get your cork yoga mat today! 

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