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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

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diy yoga mat cleaner

Gaia Guy's cork yoga mat is very low maintenance. Cork is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and odor unlike those toxic and smelly PVC and TPE yoga mats.

However, you and your mat can benefit from making your own DIY yoga mat cleaner which works for cork yoga blocks too!

Actually, your health and the health of the planet would benefit greatly by making your own cleaning products. If you've googled DIY natural cleaners before then you've seen vinegar come up in many all-purpose natural cleaners.

Spoiler Alert!

That's pretty much all you'll need for this too. Along with some essential oils or just lemons or orange peel zest or juice. 

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe 

  1. Reuse a spray bottle and add just less than half with water.
  2. Fill nearly full with vinegar. You can use a stronger ratio if needed.
  3. Add your essential oils (tea tree, neem, or witch hazel are good) or zest
  4. Shake it up. 
  5. Spray, let sit for 30 seconds or so and wipe off.  Let dry completely. 

The other key in maintenance is allowing your Gaia Guy cork mat to fully dry before rolling away to store. Better to keep it rolled out so you could just put it under a bed. Also, get some sunlight on it too. The sun is the best natural disinfectant on earth..er..um that reaches the earth. 

Let the sun shine in!

Getting some direct sunlight on your Gaia Guy cork yoga mat is good too. Take yourself outside for a bit of vitamin D and let your mat enjoy the sterilizing effects of natural sunlight for about 10-15 minutes too once a week or more as needed.

If you do get outside to do some yoga you may get those lovely yoga feet. Which means you may get some dirt on your mat or blocks. With those you can use a nice organic soap and a brush to remove the soil and dirt and then use the DIY yoga mat cleaner.

Protip: Your Gaia Guy cork yoga mat is awesome to use outside as it doesn't heat up like rubber or pvc yoga mats. Enjoy your practice without frying on your mat.

OK go get a Gaia Guy cork mat and start making your natural yoga mat cleaner while you wait for delivery :) 

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  • Iman on

    thank you for the tips! and thank you for allowing us to make our yoga sprays ourselves instead of trying to profit from it by making it yourself and keeping the recipe secret just to sell another product. Much respect and appreciation.

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