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A Toothbrush Shouldn't Be Forever

bamboo toothbrush biodegradable

A lot of things should last forever. However, a toothbrush shouldn't be forever. I was out for a run the other day on Karon beach in Phuket. Normally I only have to dodge cute almost translucent crabs.

This day however, a storm had strew plastic all along the beach. It was a disgusting trail of plastic; toothbrushes, cutlery, lighters, bottles, straws, and more toxic forever trinkets and single use products.

Tweet: There is no excuse, for single use. #ditchplastic #zerowaste #plasticfree @Gaia_guy

It truly is remarkable that with all the canvas bags and reusable bags, backpacks, duffle bags people have that they still somehow effortlessly accept plastic bags at stores. This quite literally makes no sense at all. 

Just take your bags with you. You also can use those things at the end of your arms. Yes, your hands work perfectly well. You don't need a plastic bag for 2 or 3 items, I have also found that pockets can actually hold things just like bags can. Shocking I know. Sorry, but this one just gets me riled up.  

plastic bag pollution

The first image above is from a brilliant series called, “Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape,” by Alejandro Durán. This artist gathers plastic trash that washes up on the beaches in Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve. Nowhere is safe from the everyday, throw it away kind of plastic that pervades the planet. 

I understand that you have a lot going on and not everyone is in it to be a minimalist zero waste lifestyle enthusiast. However, common sense alone should be reason enough to say, "I think I'll save that oil for driving to see a loved one that lives 100s of miles way and go with a bamboo toothbrush and a plastic-free bottle brushes to go with your reusable bottle. Oh, and I'll never ever accept a plastic bag again because I have so many reusable ones it would be silly not to use those."

Sorry to make you say such a long sentence but the point had to be made and in your words, well sort of. Be well my fellow inhabitants of the planet. Choose wisely where you put your financial energy. Support good ideas, people and products.

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