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The 8 R's of the Environment + 3 More

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the 8 Rs of the environment

Growing up you likely learnt the 3 R's of the environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle were great starting points, but that lists has grown to 8 R's (feel free to add more in the comments) 

These are handy to remember and even better to practice so pass this on to someone who could need a reminder and pin for later too.

  1. Rethink: This is perhaps the hardest one. We have to shift from status quo thinking and habits to ones that are truly regenerative not just sustainable. Rethink how you serve and meet your needs with products and services that meet a regenerative framework and ideal.

  2. Refuse: This is an easy one, but one we often forget. Yes, you and a billion others refusing that plastic bag or plastic straw adds up massively. 

  3. Reduce: Walk more and drive less will reduce your carbon footprint. You can also reduce a myriad of other areas of your life will replenishing time with family, friends and worthy causes.

  4. Reuse: One of the classics. How many times can you use that glass jar, plastic bag (you happen to get after missing up on #2) or other items. Make a game of it and take personal pride in reusing things.

  5. Refurbish: If you can’t do it yourself, you can find a local shop or handy persons to refurbish items for you. There must be an app for that? 

  6. Repair: This ties into the above and before you think about buying new, have you done what you can to repair what you have or perhaps number 7 is needed.

  7. Repurpose: You may call it upcycling. Call it what you will, it is a fun and creative way to reduce waste. Find a new purpose for those items that can’t be used for their original purpose.

  8. Recycle: This one still is needed despite our appalling rates of recycle. Make it a mission to at least make the items you throw in the recycling bin ready for it. See this post about wishcycyling.

Bonus 3

  1. Rot: Compost is almost magical if you aren’t into the science behind it. Magically your food scraps can be turned into plant fertilizer in about a month or so depending on how you’ve done it.

  2. Respect: Remember that you are just one creature on this earth and all earthlings deserve respect. You wouldn’t want trash in your house so why is it OK to throw yours “away” in theirs. 

  3. Replant: Get out and plant some trees for surely you have used a few hundred in your lifetime.

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