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Wishcycling and the Problem With Plastic Recycling

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What is wishcycling? 

“Wishcycling" the act of putting something in your recycling bin in the hope that someone, somewhere will figure out what to do with it along the way.

What's the problem with that? It actually impedes the recycling process. Non-recyclables can jam up recycling machines and contaminate paper, cardboard and other recyclables, preventing otherwise recyclable items from being made into new products.

 When in doubt just don't recycle it. First check with your local recycling center to see what can be recycled or how you can make that item more likely to get recycled.

The scary news is that for all the hype and spin about recycle it just isn't getting done. We recycle less than 10% of all plastic bottles. There will be more plastic in the sea than fish fairly soon. 

John Oliver does a great piece on plastic recycling and wishcycling. Remember the plastic industry is behind most of this misinformation and the bottom line is don't use plastic and do everything you can to buy alternatives.

Here is another useful and slightly shocking clip of what you can and cannot recycle. Leave a comment if you have every done one these :)  

OK friends of the planet let's get out there and try to do some good in the world. Remember you have the power to do amazing good in this world and it could start by supplying your daily needs with items that aren't made from plastic.

Need some more clips to watch to hammer home this message. Have a gander and check out the full CBC piece on tracking your plastic below. 

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  • Honey on

    While plastic recycling is often touted as a solution to the problem of plastic waste, the reality is that the process is complex and often inefficient. Many types of plastic cannot be recycled, and even those that can require significant energy and resources to process. Additionally, contamination and poor sorting can render recyclable materials unusable, and there is limited demand for recycled plastic, leading to a low market value and a lack of financial incentive for recycling.

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