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Let's Strip For Pollinators!

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I don't mean get down to your birthday suit when I say, "Let's Strip For Pollinators" of course. I mean let's not cut our lawns or at least not so excessively.

Some HOAs, municipalities and even neighbors will be quite hard on anyone who doesn't perfectly manicure their lawns, so it isn't likely that you'll create a massive meadow on your front lawn or backyard. However, how about some strips or pollinator highways! 

Source: https://community.rspb.org.uk

It's all it takes really to make a massive difference for pollinators and if you team up with your neighbors, HOAs etc. it could be very aesthetically pleasing too.

The benefits for you are huge too! Save time as you can leave part of your lawn unmowed and it allows you to tap into your creative side too. Normally cutting grass is mind-numbing drudgery. 

Also, save money as you won't need as much gas/electricity and don't buy any damn chemicals to kill "weeds" just let them be. 

Does it work? Well here are the results of one person.

I’ve been leaving areas of long grass for a few years and am amazed at the different flowers which just appeared, I even have some wild orchids. The whole area buzzes with insects which feed the birds and bats.

I have a spring meadow and mow most of it at the end of this month or the beginning of next depending on the length of the grass. I try to mow around the clumps of Knapweed as this is a particular favorite of so many insects.

Later on in the year I leave areas of grass for about a month, this gives the clover time to flower. My ground is very fertile, if I left it any longer during the summer it would grow too tall and fall over smothering everything beneath it.

It has taken a number of years of trial and error to find a mowing regime which suits my garden, wildlife and soil, it has definitely been worth the work.

nature strip

Source: https://www.monash.vic.gov.au

Please give this a go and coordinate with neighbors too so you can make nature highways for pollinators and bring quite a bit of beauty to your neighborhood.

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