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Bamboo and Boar Bristle Toothbrush Detailed Review

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bamboo and boar bristle toothbrush review

The best selling bamboo and boar bristle toothbrush on amazon or elsewhere has to be Gaia Guy's natural bristle toothbrush. 

The toothbrush doesn't come without its teething problems. No apologizes for that zinger of a pun ha! I love to read the reviews most of the time and these ones are quite nice ones.

Here is one from amazon Japan where you can buy some eco-friendly products

I absolutely love these toothbrushes!!
I had read a few mixed reviews saying that bristles can come out but I’m now sure that people with this problem are simply brushing too hard. Which is also bad for your gums and contributes to receding gums and sensitivity.

I’ve had maybe one or two bristles come out in the first week or so and none since. I take care of my brush by thoroughly rinsing it and shaking off excess water and letting dry out. It’s lasting a long time. I occasionally use a very diluted Milton (used to sterilize baby bottles etc.) solution to clean the brush make sure that bacteria is not able to grow.

I started using my brush around the end of April 2021, it is now July and this is the brush I have been using on the left versus a new one, unused on the right.

My husband is a heavy handed brusher and often went through generic toothbrushes faster, as the nylon would warp. But his Gaia Guy brush looks the same as mine!

Speaking for myself but not only has this brush made me feel good about not using plastic, I’ve improved my own oral health taking the time to brush more carefully, gently and thoroughly.
I’ll definitely be purchasing these brushes again!

If you like a soft bristle then use warm water to brush, if you like a slightly harder bristle then use cold water!

What a thoughtful and thorough review! Love the tips in it too so you can get the most and the best out of Gaia Guy's bamboo and boar bristle toothbrush.

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Here is a review that was deemed the most helpful on Amazon in the USA and I hope you find it helpful too when deciding on your next eco-friendly toothbrush.

Yes, these toothbrushes are more demanding, but are worth it. I researched care for boar bristle brushes on another forum and that advice helped immensely.

When you start with a new brush, fill a mug with boiling water, then soak the head of the brush for 10-15 minutes. This will take care of any residual smell or taste of the bristles. It will also help loosen any stray bristles so they don't come out in your mouth. Once a week, pour boiling water over the head again. This helps ensure the toothbrush stays sanitary.

Bamboo is hard wood and almost impermeable to bacteria buildup, but not guaranteed. The bristles are also soft and can be prone to bacteria build up. Another thing to do to combat that is use 2 at once, one for morning and one for night, that way the bristles have an opportunity to completely dry and prevent bacteria build up. Finally, before you use the toothbrush each time, just check it! Look to see if you see any loose or off angle bristles, use some tweezers and remove them. That prevents them coming out in your mouth.

I know its a lot more work, but its really not that time consuming. Consider the slight inconvenience of extra care vs the benefit of NEVER putting another plastic toothbrush into out ever expanding landfills.

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