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100% Biodegradable Toothbrush

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Gaia Guy develops sustainable, 100% biodegradable and other eco-friendly products for your daily life. Not all item are made from plants, some do use practical materials like stainless steel and boar hair.

However, the 100% biodegradable toothbrush may be one of the most popular sustainable solutions so far. Like many of the launches here this was a passion project that just needed to be brought to the market.

toothbrush plastic free no nylon

Why does Gaia Guy feel so strongly about this solution?

Well, it is a truly plastic-free and more importantly nylon-free bristle toothbrush. Although many other toothbrushes claim to be biodegradable they usually aren't.

A huge number of vegan friendly bamboo toothbrushes have come on the market (Gaia Guy also used to sell one). However, those are nylon based and either use a dusting of bamboo charcoal to cover their bristles or some colorful dye they are in fact nylon ie petroleum based and not biodegradable.

There are some that use castor oil, but again those have been turned basically into a bristle which is no longer biodegradable as discussed in this blog post.

The main reason for this post was just to say thank you to all the other blog posts that took the time to do the research on bamboo toothbrushes and featured Gaia Guy's Bamboo and Boar Bristles 6-pack. 

Thank you all! Also, check out on instagram as their are loads of people who have shared pics and I am so grateful to them too! 

If I missed you please get in touch so I can add you to the every growing list of sustainable solution supporters!

Thank you! 

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