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Sustainable and Zero Waste Bloggers Love Gaia Guy

bamboo toothbrush copper tongue cleaner environmentally friendly Gaia Guy green products instagram nut milk bags yoga challenge zero waste

It's a real honor to feel the sustainable and zero waste bloggers love for Gaia Guy good goods! Love you guys too! 

Some reach out to me and others I feel compelled to collaborate with, because I read, follow and really appreciate the zero waste and sustainable tips they share with the world. 

Going Zero Waste

If you want to take your zero waste home to the next level have a look at Kathryn's blog Going Zero Waste. She has recommended Gaia Guy nut milk bags even before I got in touch with her, which was amazing to hear. 

organic nut milk bags

She had 8 uses for nut milk bags on her blog, which was 3 more nut milk bag uses than I blogged about! 

Sustainable Daisy 

Karen from Sustainable Daisy has some gorgeous photos and equally great sustainable fashion and living tips on her blog. 

Check out these stunning and absolutely delicious looking pics from her post about Gaia Guy Glass Straws and also Gaia Guy Bamboo Toothbrushes.

glass smoothie straws

Have a read and a gander at her glamorous reusable glass straws pics.

Hippie in Disguise

Had a great time collaborating with Danielle from Hippie in Disguise on fun Instagram challenge as part of plastic free July. 

Bamboo toothbrush charcoal bristle Gaia guy Plastic Free July living roof succulent garden

She, of course totally wowed me and everyone on instagram with her gorgeous photo of a Gaia Guy bamboo toothbrush.


Celia from Litterless did an excellent post on Gaia Guy nut milk bags. She has great minimalist tips and hints. nut milk bag recipes

Love how this picture shows the clean class and nut milk bags in true minimalist fashion. 

Wandering Forever More

I was happy to get a review of a Gaia Guy Bamboo toothbrush from Beth in her zero waste bathroom essentials. She runs a nice blog with lots of zero waste tips.

zero waste bathroom


Zero Waste Guy

Jonathan is the Zero Waste Guy so it made sense to get his feedback on a Gaia Guy copper tongue scraper and glass straws. 

Americans go through something like 500 million #disposable plastic straws every day. Straws drive me crazy. I #refuse them all the time, but they are often already in my drink when it is served. - - One way to have an impact on plastic pollution is to use your own #reusable straw, such as the one pictured here in my #greendrink. I make these all the time, and drinking them with straws is preferred to constantly wiping smoothie from my beard (Mom, I'm not going to shave it)! - - I just received my new glass smoothie straws from @higaiaguy in the mail. I had previously used steel straws, but decided to give these ones a shot. From a functionality standpoint, they work just the same. I definitely like that they are clear, which makes them easier to clean. There is also something to be said for seeing what you are drinking as you drink it! - - Small steps really do have a large impact. -

A photo posted by Jonathan Levy (@zerowasteguy) on

I like his astute observation and comment that being able to see what you are drinking can add to the enjoyment of it. Plus straws are great for guys with beards. I hear you! 

Thank you again to the zero waste and sustainable bloggers who love Gaia Guy! Also, all other foodies, blender recipe gurus and all you eco-friendly folks! 

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