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Nut Milk Bag Alternative Uses


nut milk bag alternative uses

Gaia Guy nut milk bags are great for all kinds of nut milks, but you may be surprised how versatile these organic strainers can be. 

I would love to hear how you are using your organic hemp and organic cotton nut milk bags, so please leave a comment. Here are 5 ways get more than almond milk from your nut milk bag. You can check out the infographic here so you can pin and share away! 

  1. SPROUTS: 
    Sprouting releases all the vitamins and minerals within a seed or nut and makes it more readily available. Super foods you can make at home.  Gaia Guy's hemp sprouting bag is perfect for this as it resists mold, because it is naturally antimicrobial. Add seeds to your nut milk bag, place it in a mason jar with water. Soak 8-12 hours, drain, rinse your seeds, and let the bag hang in the jar,  a few inches from the empty jar.

    Replace cheesecloth forever with a Gaia Guy nut milk bag. These are already bag-shaped which makes straining so easy. Put your diary or nut milk mixture into your nut milk bag, then hang it or put it in a colander and in a bowl to capture any liquid. 

    The fine mesh and large 12"x12" Gaia Guy nut milk bags can cover your bowls and dishes so you can enjoy a picnic without the flies enjoying it too!

    Blitz those greens and/or fruit and then pour through the nut milk bag. Drink that nourishing fruit and/or veggie juice or make some ice pops. Great way to get kids to have get their vitamins without pills. It can also make a nice drizzle too.  

    Amazingly refreshing in the summer and easy to make with a Gaia Guy reusable strainer bag. Cold coffee brewed this way is also less acidic. Put coffee into the nut milk bag and pull string tight.  Put the nut milk bag into the bottom of a glass jar of a suitable size jar and fill it with water. Let stand in the fridge for 12 hours, squeeze out all the coffee and enjoy! 
Get your health on! You can purchase your very own organic nut milk bags on GaiaGuy.com or Amazon US peeps might like to checkout there. 

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