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Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Of 2020 For Your Zero-Waste Friends

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best eco-friendly gifts

Gaia Guy's mission is to provide the best eco-friendly gifts and sustainable solutions for all our zerowaste friends and supporters.

Every new green product launch is a passion project. Infused with sustainability and environmentally conscious features.

It isn't enough to be plastic-free in your produce design. Eco-friendly packaging is also at the core of all our products. 

Gaia Guy constantly strives to improve our products, because we know our customers are just as passionate about being zero waste while still living a comfortable environmentally sensitive life.

That is why we are product to offer these eco-friendly gift ideas for 2020 and beyond.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Gaia Guy plastic-free kitchen brushes with either tampico bristles or coconut fiber bristles are always an appreciated eco-friendly gift to receive.

kitchen brushes no plastic

These brushes are great for scrubbing veggies, pots and bottles. Natural fibers are stiff and tough on grease yet safe for most all surfaces.

The newest edition to the zero waste kitchen lineup are these amazing reusable kitchen sponges made from loofah plants. No plastic or even any nylon used and of course eco-friendly packaging too.

It isn't glamorous, but switching to a bamboo and boar bristle toothbrush is a great step towards reducing plastic-pollution. Note that these aren't the regular bamboo toothbrushes with nylon bristles. These are actually biodegradable for handle to bristles. Enjoy! 

bamboo toothbrush

Next up are reusable produce bags made from organic cotton. This awesome zero waste gift comes with not only the mesh and muslin bags but also 3 beeswax wraps and portable cutlery too. The bags are great quality and can be used for bulk shopping, food storage or even as gift bags themselves or suitcase organizers. 

How about going zero waste and plastic-free at meal time too. These stainless steel lunchboxes are leak proof and come with organic cotton lunch bags. 

And of course a very affordable eco-friendly gift idea for every zero waste kitchen are Gaia Guy nut milk bags.



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