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Natural Dish Sponge Value Pack, Loofah Kitchen Scrubber Scouring Pad (Plastic-Free, Nylon Free)

Natural Dish Sponge Value Pack, Loofah Kitchen Scrubber Scouring Pad (Plastic-Free, Nylon Free)

$ 9.99 USD

Natural sponges for your zero waste home.

Eco-friendly loofah sponges are amazing dish scrubbers. 

This value pack is the plastic-free and plant-based solution to a pesky plastic problem. 

Safe on dishes and nonstick cookware, countertops. These eco sponges also work great in the bathroom as skin exfoliating sponges.

Better than plastic kitchen sponges for so, so, so many reasons. 

  • Scratch-free
  • Plant-based
  • Zero Waste
  • Economical
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Plastic-free

Imagine the microplastics you will keep out of the rivers and oceans by getting this awesome 10 pack of natural sponges for your kitchen and bathroom!  

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🌳 How to Use Gaia Guy Plant-Based Dish Sponges?

1) Soak in water and watch it grow! Pretty cool. These are eco sponges that come dehydrated, but after a couple minutes in water they expand fully. Use some your regular dish washing liquid.

2) Squeeze out the water and hang in a ventilated place to dry after using, can be used without soaking the next time (Will become softer with use).

3) Natural fibers are safe to use on all non-stick pans, ceramic dishes, cast iron, stainless steel and can even be used in the bathtub to scrub your bathroom. You can even use these as a vegetable scrubber brush.

4) Just throw them into the compost bin after you're done with them or use them as mulch around some tree or bush.

NOTE: These are totally natural and handmade, so you may enjoy a slight color and texture variation but they are all super good kitchen brushes that are plastic-free and sustainable.

🌳 100% Eco-friendly Loofah Sponges - Even the packaging!

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