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25 Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas

eco-friendly gifts plastic-free stocking stuffers sustainable gifts

'Tis the season once again - a time for giving, twinkling lights, and endless carols. But before you reach for the same old run-of-the-mill trinkets and baubles to stuff your stockings, why not infuse a touch of sustainability into your holiday tradition?

eco-friendly stocking stuffers

Here are 25 eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas that promise to spread joy and eco-consciousness throughout your festivities. Looking for sustainable gifts for other occasions

  1. Bean Box Coffee Subscription: For the caffeine connoisseurs in your life, why not gift them a delightful journey of artisanal coffee from around the world? Sip, savor, and embark on your java adventures with this eco-friendly coffee subscription. Tea lovers are also covered with similar gifts so check those out.

  2. Zero Waste Kitchen Brush Set: Bid farewell to plastic scrubbers as these natural brushes and sponges step in to tackle your dishwashing duties in style. OK these gorgeous wood kitchen brushes might not fit in a stocking, but you could certainly wrap up a couple of items from this zero waste kit or this plastic-free kitchen brush set to fit.

  3. Natural Charcoal Soap Bar: Enjoy a spa day for your skin with this moisturizing and detoxifying soap, all without the burden of plastic packaging.

  4. Stainless Steel and Glass Straws: Handy to have especially for coffee and  tea drinkers who are trying to avoid staining their teeth. Get some plastic-free straws either in steel or even glass. 

  5. Plastic-free Toothpaste: Pamper your loved ones pearly whites with organic toothpaste. We have two great options. One zero waste toothpaste in a glass jar and our travel friendly toothpaste tabs which would be a great eco-friendly stocking stuffer. 

  6. Beeswax Candle Making Kit: Crafty and candle-loving souls will adore this kit, allowing them to sculpt their very own beeswax masterpieces.

  7. Reusable Nut Milk Bags: These are great to inspire people to get healthy. Great for nut milks, cheese making, yogurt making and even cold-brew coffee too. Make of hemp or organic cotton these nut milk bags also work as produce bags too.

  8. Exotic Fruit: I may be the only one, but my dad used to put weird and wild fruit in our stockings at Christmas. It was actually really exciting to see and taste this unusual fruit and of course it came in zero waste and plastic-free packaging.

  9. Kids Paper Origami Kit: Unleash your inner origami artist with this kit, offering hours of fun crafting cute origami animals.

    zero waste kit

  10. Unwrapped Bar Soap: Embrace eco-conscious hand and body washing with these natural soap bars, free from plastic packaging.

  11. Bath Bombs: Turn bath time into a luxurious, sustainable oasis with these bath bombs, either DIY or sourced from eco-friendly brands.

  12. Bamboo and Boar Bristle Toothbrush: Make the switch from plastic to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush - a choice that's kind to your teeth and the planet. Check out this zero waste dental care set too.

  13. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: Elevate your hair care routine with these solid bars that are convenient, waste-free, and long-lasting - no more bulky plastic bottles.

  14. Homemade Treats in Mason Jars: Share the holiday cheer with homemade treats stored in reusable glass jars, a personal gift that keeps on giving.

  15. Bulk Candy in Mason Jars or Other Reusable Containers: Satisfy sweet cravings with an eco-friendly twist by filling a reusable container with favorite candies, creating a sweet, sustainable treat.

  16. Reusable Water Bottle: Ditch single-use plastics and gift your eco-conscious pals with reusable stainless steel water bottles.

    natural boar hair toothbrushes

  17. Reusable Shopping Bags: Combine fashion and function with these stylish reusable shopping bags, allowing your loved ones to carry their groceries and essentials while reducing plastic waste.

  18. Organic Cotton Underwear and Socks: You always need some new cozy cotton underwear or socks and why not opt for hemp or cotton. 

  19. Plastic-Free Deodorant: Perfect size for an eco-friendly stocking stuffer and super useful too. This gift will sure to be used and appreciated by anyone who like to smell great and be plastic-free. Check out this deodorant powder that works great as shoe deodorizer too.

  20. Educational Experiences: Get your loved one a few lessons to some classes that you think they might like. You know they have probably mentioned that they'd love to try for example learning guitar so why not buy them a couple off lessons to get them going on a new passion.

  21. Silk Floss: OK not so exciting but I remember my stocking was just full of really practical and useful gifts. Sure they didn't cost a lot, but I appreciated them a whole lot as they were super useful. This natural silk dental floss with a bamboo holder is lovely.

  22. Movie Passes: Gift the joy of an unforgettable cinematic experience to film enthusiasts with movie passes, offering a night of entertainment on the big screen.

  23. Copper Tongue Scraper: This is the gift you didn't know you needed until you get it. There is nothing more satisfying than scraping your tongue in the morning and getting rid of all that gunk.

  24. Seeds or Bulbs: Cultivate the joy of gardening with the gift of seeds or bulbs, enabling your loved ones to grow their favorite flowers, herbs, or veggies and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  25. Notebooks and Journals: Ignite creativity and self-expression with delightful notebooks and journals, available in various sizes and materials like recycled paper, cork, or leather.

Now, doesn't that sound like a delightful array of eco-friendly stocking stuffers to brighten your holiday season? Learn some clever ways to wrap up those gifts in a zero waste way too. Any other ideas please leave them in the comments. Thank you! 

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