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Stainless Steel Lunchbox Review

lunchbox reusable lunchbox

stainless steel lunchbox reviewLaunching a new eco-friendly product is fun, yet stressful. Will it be the 5 star success you hope for?

Well the good news is that Gaia Guy's new stainless steel lunchbox review is in and the stars are bright and as shiny as the polished finished this leakproof bento box. 

We have reviews now on GaiaGuy.com and Amazon that attest to that. See the glowing reviews below and be sure to get your own stainless steel lunch box good for kids or adults.

Customer Reviews

Great Product

This lunch box is great quality and easy to clean. It shipped quickly and came in excellent condition.

Excellent Bento lunch box!
By Mezz on Oct 07, 2020

This lunchbox is very well constructed, with a leakproof lid, strong clasps, and an interior metal divider that fits perfectly to create two sections. I normally use glass containers to cart my food to work, but this is so much lighter and obviously less breakable - so this is my new permanent lunchbox. The picture above with the food was my actual lunch this week. The lunchbox is shipped with an extra silicone seal and an organic cotton lunchbox that the container fits flat into (no tipping!). Last but not least, this container was shipped with no plastic packaging. I highly recommend this item!

Have a look at some actual customer pics from their stainless steel lunch box review below.

stainless steel lunch box review

Notice the removable divider and high quality polished finish of the food-grade interior of Gaia Guy's stainless steel bento box.

lunch box large review

Tare weight printed directly on which makes for easy checkout when filling your lunch box at bulk food stores. Also note the secure lockable clips which help to make this stainless steel lunchbox leakproof. 

large organic cotton lunch bag
Large organic cotton lunch bag comes with your large stainless steel bento box too. It will hold the lunchbox and other things you'd like to take with you.
plastic-free lunch box packaging
Plastic-free packaging is a commitment that Gaia Guy stands behind. It can be tough to adhere to this given logistics partners but we make every effort to ensure our packaging is zero waste and doesn't contribute to plastic pollution.
Well there you go a couple of 5 star reviews and with your help we will have more to come. Feel free to get your very own stainless steel lunch box. We have found that it can cause jealousy in a family so be sure to buy one for your loved ones too. :) 

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