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International Day Of Yoga

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International Day of Yoga

The United Nations proclaimed June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. Get downward you dog and salute the sun today.

It took me a long while to get into yoga, but I am glad I did. Not only will you find it to more of a workout than you might be expecting but overall you'll feel great. Not just a leaner, more flexible you but a calmer and relaxed one too. Don't shy away from this challenging yet accessible practice that literally people of all ages do. 

93 Year-Old Yoga Instructor Can Still Pose Perfectly">93 Year-Old Yoga Instructor Can Still Pose Perfectly

With all of it's balancing postures and holds, yoga really fires those tiny muscles and essential gives you a micro massage all over. Consequently your whole body and soul will feel better after doing yoga than any other physical exercise.

Give it a try. Hey, it's cool to start on the International Day of Yoga. Don't be shy either on getting a yoga block as it will help your practice immensely. 

A Brief History of Yoga  

Improve your yoga practice at any level! Get into proper alignment using a yoga block and move more confidently and safely into poses.

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