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How to Cold Brew Coffee Using 2 Gaia Guy Nut Milk Bags!

Gaia Guy hemp nut milk bag nut milk bags

how to cold brew coffee using nut milk bags

Low acid and high on flavor. People all over are discovering how to cold brew using Gaia Guy nut milk bags though we really should call them cold brew coffee bags. 

This post was inspired by a great suggestion from one happy eco-friendly products supporter, Joy. She used both Gaia Guy's hemp and organic cotton cold-brew coffee bags (yeah let's call them that for this post :) to create the ultimate no coffee grounds leftover strainer. 

hemp cold brew coffee strainercotton cold brew coffee strainer

Joy purchased her cold brew coffee bags online on Etsy but you can get them here or on amazon

She used the finer strainer inside the coarser strainer and placed that in a glass jar for 2 days! That will make some seriously concentrated nitro cold brew no nylon tasting awesome coldbrew for sure.

Here are here exact words from our little exchange. She is so awesome for sharing some pics and this quick and super easy way to make cold brew coffee at home.

Hi Ian,
This weekend's batch of cold brew turned out great. I took some photos of my process:
Adding coffee to the bags
Putting the bag into the beverage dispenser
Letting it sit for 2 days!

ground coffee in nut milk bag

making cold brew coffee how to

hemp and cotton cold brew coffee bags

And finally a delicious batch of cold brew served up!

cold brew coffee nut milk
This time I used both bags (the finer weave inside the coarser weave) to see if that filtered out some of the finer particulates. This batch tastes great and it isn't bitter, so I think it worked!

Thanks again,


Well there you have it. Joy's super easy and super smooth tasting cold brew coffee made at home using not one but 2 nut milk bags. Please send me your creations or tag on insta or fb @higaiaguy

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