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The History of the Toothbrush Infographic

bamboo toothbrush environmentally friendly green products history infographic

Here is a toothbrush history infographic because who doesn't like a good visual. OK a decent visual that captures the salient points from the blog post 'A Brush With History'.

What a great title for a toothbrush movie. The history of the toothbrush really does contain all the elements of a low-budget straight to youtube film. It's got a cute cold climate pig, a prisoner who turns into a tycoon and an eco-friendly avatar-like super hero (that may be a stretch) green products purveyor, who is trying to change the world one mouth at a time.

Read below about how the story comes full circle from bamboo to bamboo. The clock isn't turned back, but we do return to our senses by using eco-friendly  bamboo toothbrushes.


the history of the toothbrush infographic

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Sources: Invented in Jail - QI

Toothbrush History from Wikipedia

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