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Natural Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush With Boar Hair - 6-pack

Natural Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush With Boar Hair - 6-pack

$ 18.99 USD

Finally a completely earth-friendly natural boar hair bamboo toothbrush. For those who want a totally planet-based product,

Gaia Guy is proud to offer a bamboo handle and natural boar bristle toothbrush. 

It's the ultimate natural and renewable resource based toothbrush to help you start and finish every day feeling good about your commitment to living as close to nature as you possibly can.

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You are getting a quality toothbrush with great reviews and minimal, compostable eco-friendly packaging. 6 beautiful boar bristle toothbrushes in a paperboard tube.

A copper tongue scraper goes great with these!

Why use a boar bristle toothbrush? 

  1. It's a truly sustainable way to brush your teeth. These natural boar bristle toothbrushes come from a special breed of boar. The bristles are carefully harvested and then boiled to make them straighter and super hygienic. 

  2. These are less abrasive than nylon bristles which means your teeth get clean but you don't ruin your tooth enamel. These black bristles are about the same as medium nylon toothbrush as far as firmness goes. You get a good cleaning while not scratching or hurting your gums.

  3. No nylon means no petroleum and you can feel good about not supporting this greenhouse gas causing industry. Simply compost or upcycling into a plant marker or anything your creative mind can think of. 

Gaia Guy's Bamboo and Boar bristle natural toothbrush will not only make your smile better, but the planet better too. 

Imagine the amount of plastic you will keep out of the environment by choosing to use Gaia Guy’s biodegradable toothbrush. One simple choice creates a powerful positive change for the environment; just by brushing better.

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