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Silk Dental Floss Refill | Unflavored Silk Dental Floss | 4 spools x 33yds

Silk Dental Floss Refill | Unflavored Silk Dental Floss | 4 spools x 33yds

$ 11.99 USD

Gaia Guy Biodegradable and Eco-friendly Silk Floss Refill, your perfect choice for a gentle and smooth flossing experience without artificial flavors. Our unflavored, plant-based candelilla wax ensures both your oral health and environmental well-being.

Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and UK and EU

Key Features:

  1. Earth-friendly Silk Floss: Crafted from 100% natural silk, our floss is completely biodegradable, making it a guilt-free choice for conscious flossing. Even better, it's home compostable, effortlessly breaking down without harming the environment.

  2. Eco and Economical: Our floss comes in a convenient size, measuring 4 x 33 yards, suitable for all ages. Plus, each purchase includes 4 silk refills designed to fit our reusable glass container, a must-have in our eco-dental kit, and our bamboo floss holder available here on Gaia Guy's store. With approximately a year's worth of flossing, you'll be amazed by its longevity.

  3. Zero Waste Packaging: At Gaia Guy, we are committed to reducing plastic waste at every step. That's why our floss packaging is entirely compostable, including the biodegradable ink on the box. Feel good about your choice and its impact on the planet.

Buy the Bundle and Save!

Take a Step Towards Plastic-Free Living: Make a difference in the world by choosing Gaia Guy's Silk Floss, along with our bamboo and boar bristle toothbrushes. Together, we can embrace a plastic-free lifestyle, reducing, reusing, and recycling for a sustainable future.

Join us in the journey of conscious flossing and eco-friendly oral care. Order Gaia Guy Biodegradable and Eco-friendly Silk Floss today and experience a flossing routine that aligns with your values and cares for our planet.

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