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Natural Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush 8-Pack (NO Nylon - Boar Hair ONLY) - Compostable - For Kids & Adults

Natural Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush 8-Pack (NO Nylon - Boar Hair ONLY) - Compostable - For Kids & Adults

$ 19.99 USD

Looking for a plastic-free alternative to regular toothbrushes for kids and adults? Pick up a tube of Gaia Guy's Bamboo & Boar Bristle Toothbrush Family Pack!

For parents and guardians, our 8-pack of toothbrushes is perfect for teaching children healthy dental habits while also reducing plastic pollution. It's recommended to supervise children's tooth brushing until they're 7 years old, but others suggest up to 12 years old.

 Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Our bamboo toothbrushes are made with natural, renewable resources, including hygienic and less abrasive boar bristle fibers. By using our bamboo and boar hair toothbrushes, you're helping to reduce plastic pollution and even methane gases that would have come from the disposal of these boar bristles in landfill.  This is a zero waste solution!

Our toothbrushes feature a solid, smooth piece of bamboo handle and boar hair, with no glue or laminate used.

And our eco-friendly paper packaging is not only compostable and recyclable, but also reusable. Could make a nice pencil case.

Please note that as a natural product, the bristles may break and fall out, so please monitor kids and assist as needed. But with perseverance, you and your kids will love the daily reminder that you are doing your part to help the environment and your health.

So join us in creating a zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle and make the switch to Gaia Guy's Bamboo & Boar Bristle Toothbrush Family Pack today!

  • 🌿 100% ECO-FRIENDLY: Our bamboo toothbrushes are made from sustainable, biodegradable materials with no nylon or petroleum, so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. Join us in creating a zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle! ♻️

  • 🎋 RENEWABLE RESOURCES: Our bamboo handle and boar bristle toothbrushes are sourced from natural, renewable resources. By using them, you can show your commitment to living close to nature and protecting the planet. 🌍

  • 🌱 ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: We're proud to offer a quality toothbrush with minimal and compostable eco-friendly packaging. Our paper-tube is even reusable as a handy pencil case! No non-woven packaging here – just 8 beautiful boar bristle toothbrushes in a paperboard tube. 🌿

  • 🐷 BEAUTIFUL BOAR BRISTLES: Our natural boar bristle toothbrushes come from a special breed of boar, carefully harvested and boiled to make them straighter and super hygienic. With our toothbrushes, you can brush your teeth sustainably and feel great about it! 🦷

  • 💚 CLEAN & GREEN: Our toothbrushes are less abrasive than nylon bristles, providing a gentle but effective clean that won't harm your tooth enamel or gums. Our natural bristles are similar to a medium to medium-firm nylon toothbrush in firmness. Pro tip: Soak in hot water to soften before use. 🌿

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