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Handmade Hemp Exfoliating Back Scrubber and Large Body Mitt - Natural Healthy Skin Care for Women and Men - Fairtrade Made by Artisans in Bangladesh

Handmade Hemp Exfoliating Back Scrubber and Large Body Mitt - Natural Healthy Skin Care for Women and Men - Fairtrade Made by Artisans in Bangladesh

$ 18.99 USD

EXFOLIATES NATURALLY - Enjoy the cleansing and serious exfoliating properties of hemp. Quality and sturdy woven handles on the back scrubber work a dream and the large mitt is a great fit for men's and women's hands

HYGIENIC - Incredible hemp doesn’t harbor nasty bacteria and is also hypo-allergenic. It contains zero chemicals or allergens and irritants because what’s more important than your health

100% PLASTIC-FREE (EVEN THE PACKAGING) - It’s time to embrace natural and eco-friendly products for your health. Gaia Guy’s natural hemp products are plastic-free and make great eco-friendly gifts. All compostable and biodegradable.

DURABLE & WASHABLE - Your all natural back scrubber (27.5” x 4”) and body mitt (7.8” x 5.5”) will last quite a while! Just toss in the wash and hang to dry in the sun.

TREAT YOUR SKIN RIGHT - Get the clear radiant skin that nature intended for you. The mitt and back scrubber work perfect on; dry skin, eczema, back acne, and other skin concerns

🌍Gaia Guy + Prokritee

Prokritee is a fair trade company in Bangladesh. It supports over 1,500 artisans in rural areas.

Your purchase directly provides a fair wage for the women that otherwise would have very few choices to make a living.  

These gorgeous handmade hemp products were crafted by artisans from Bagdha Enterprise.  Bagdha is situated along a small, winding river in Bangladesh. It started in 1982 in order to create employment in this rural area for the women.

Gaia Guy is proud to have such amazing hemp products like our back scrubber, exfoliating mitt and dish/bath cloths (see other listing) produced in a sustainable and uplifting way.

You can feel good about this purchase as it goes to support this organization. 

🌳 Sustainable Solutions for your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Gaia Guy creates sustainable products that work great, don't break the bank and let you get on with your healthy and planet-friendly life. Imagine the microplastics you will keep out of the rivers and oceans by getting some handmade, handwoven hemp back and mitt exfoliator and mitt from Gaia Guy. 

Why should I choose this back scrubber and mitt made from hemp?

Natural Exfoliating


Zero Waste






🌳 NOTE: These are totally natural and handmade, so you may enjoy a slight color variation but they are all super high quality hand woven from all natural hemp. 

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