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Silk Dental Floss Bundle | Unflavored Natural Silk 6 spools x 33yds | Reusable Bamboo Holder

Silk Dental Floss Bundle | Unflavored Natural Silk 6 spools x 33yds | Reusable Bamboo Holder

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Experience the sustainable luxury of Gaia Guy's Silk Floss & Bamboo Holder Bundle.

Enjoy 6 spools of natural silk floss, waxed with pure candelilla wax, with a reusable and refillable bamboo holder. Save money while helping to reduce your environmental footprint - this bundle is compostable, biodegradable and sustainable!

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  • Eco and Economical: A total of 6 silk refills and our bamboo floss holder. You’ll get around a year’s worth of flossing depending on use. 30m of silk floss should last around 2-3 months with daily flossing.
  • 😁 SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO FLOSS HOLDER: Our container is reusable with our Gaia Guy Silk Floss refills which make this luxurious flossing experience eco and economical. Travel with it on vacations, camping, road trips, keep one in the car! An environmentally friendly solution to reducing pollution wherever you are.
  • Eco-Friendly Floss: Gaia Guy’s floss is made of 100% natural silk and is completely biodegradable (Even home compostable). So, you can use it with peace of mind knowing that it won't harm the environment. Simply toss it into your compost bin and watch it break down! Perfect for those seeking plastic-free and nylon-free flossing alternatives.
  • 🌏 NO MORE PLASTIC POLLUTION - NATURAL SILK SOLUTION! - You found one of the easiest ways to replace microplastic polluting polyester and nylon floss picks. Get this simple yet luxurious sustainable solution now and let’s do something good for our dental hygiene and the planet.
  • A Plastic-Free Life: We know that reducing, reusing, and recycling is important for a sustainable future. With Gaia Guy silk floss (and our bamboo and boar bristle toothbrushes), you can take one simple step towards living a plastic-free life.

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