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All Natural Deodorant – Organic Vegan – For Women & Men – Biodegradable & Zero Waste Packaging 2.5oz/74ml [Unscented]

All Natural Deodorant – Organic Vegan – For Women & Men – Biodegradable & Zero Waste Packaging 2.5oz/74ml [Unscented]

$ 9.99 USD $ 11.99 USD

Why buy Gaia Guy's organic, vegan-friendly and natural deodorant?

Because it’s people, animal and planet friendly. Not to mention pocket book friendly too! Now that is a triple bottom line.

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sustainable Red Palm, Organic
Non-aluminum Bicarbonate Soda, Organic Candelilla, Organic
Arrowroot, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay

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  • PEOPLE, ANIMAL and EARTH FRIENDLY - Totally natural, vegan and organic ingredients. This is what your pits and the planet deserve! Gaia Guy 100% natural deodorant is small-batch and handcrafted using all natural and organic ingredients in the USA. Paraben Free, Aluminum Free, Phthalates Free, GMO Free and Cruelty Free.

  • BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING - No plastic! Applaud yourself for making the effort to not only choose an organic deodorant, but also choosing zero waste renewable resource based and biodegradable one. Makes the whole world smile and smell great!

  • ETHICAL and EFFECTIVE - Being one the most eco-friendly deodorants on the market is great, but does it work? You bet your perspiring pits it does. If you are new to natural deodorants you may like the sensitive skin version (less, but still enough odor fighting baking soda) and to the converted grab the regular strength version.

  • ALL DAY PROTECTION GUARANTEE - Go ahead and enjoy yourself all day long in this all natural and non-toxic deodorant. If you aren’t satisfied let us know as this is a product we stand behind 100%. Thank you for caring enough to choose the most eco-friendly deodorant on the market.

  • PHEROMONES NOT FRAGRANCE: Unscented is for guys and gals who truly care about their bodies and our planet. Let your natural sex signals that all humans emit come through, without the other BO that can be a huge turnoff. The perfect mix of all natural ingredients is combined to make the best organic unisex deodorant. Go ahead it’s totally safe so spread it liberally on your yummy body. Simply push-up the paper tube bottom to get more out. No need to use your fingers like glass jar varieties.

TIP: Cold climates makes the oils a lot harder and hence harder to push up. Just need to warm it in your hands (4-5 minutes) and push from the bottom.

Push from different sides on the bottom too. Working around the circle and pushing up while holding the grey tube in your other hand firmly. The grey inner tube isn't glued with some crazy adhesives so it can remain toxic-free.

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